Dreaming of the Mediterranean Yacht Life: Sardinia, Italy

Featured in the ® Natural Glamour editorial Swarovski Natural Glamour Editorial">(here), Sardinia and its pristine yet rugged Costa Smeralda are an important stop on the luxury yacht circuit. And it’s not only the boats floating in emerald-green water that are over the top—it’s home to one of the world’s most expensive hotels, Le Dune, Forte Village Resort. Step off the yacht in an Ikaria gown and you'll look right at home on the island, where the cuisine is distinct from the rest of Italy. Must-eats include the delicacies of porcheddu (spit-roasted suckling pig), local lobster and bottarga with pasta at top fine restaurants such as Corte De Su Re at Su Gologone Hotel and Il Pescatore. 

Our blue Minerva dazzling with ® crystals stuns against the beautiful background of Sardinia. Ikaria Resort Wear is lightweight and luxurious, crafted in Los Angeles using 100% silk making it the perfect choice for European summer getaway.