Why a Luxury Vacation Is an Investment in Yourself

Are you planning on taking a luxury vacation this year? More than 55 percent of American workers don’t use all their vacation time. And even those that do may use those days off for short trips, frugal destinations, or just extra time to get things done around the house.

On one hand, there are some good potential reasons for avoiding a luxury vacation:

- You could save money. Luxury vacations are more expensive than just staying home, or choosing a lower-cost destination. Avoiding taking your full vacation time, or limiting your destination options could save you money in the short-term.
- You’ll be at less risk of being replaced. Some employees fear that if they leave work for more than a few days, and everything continues to function normally, it will prove to their bosses that they’re replaceable. At that point, there’s nothing stopping them from being fired or displaced.
- You won’t have to face a mountain of work upon your return. Some people avoid taking vacations just because they’re afraid of the mountain of work waiting for them upon their return; they may believe taking 5 days off in a row could leave them with 6 days of work to do the day they get back. That anxiety can take over the vacation, and make it not worth taking in their minds.

    But the reality is, luxury vacations are more important than you think—and even these short-term motivations for postponing those vacations aren’t enough to outweigh the potential benefits. The time and money you put into your luxury vacation is an investment in yourself.

    Here’s why:

    Your Productivity Will Improve

    It’s hard to measure productivity directly. When you come back from vacation, you might “feel” like you’re working harder, but that’s not an accurate measure of what you’re actually doing. But all the objective data lines up with that perspective; people who take full vacations are far more productive and higher performing than those who don’t. In a survey of HR managers, who tend to be the most concerned with maximizing productivity within a group, 77 percent agreed that taking most or all of your vacation time can make you more productive.

    You Could Get a Raise

    According to one study from 2016, workers who took 11 or more days of paid vacation time were more likely to get a raise or a bonus than employees who took 10 or fewer days. This is a correlation, of course, but it’s worth exploring. If you’re more productive at work, more passionate about what you do, and more committed to improving yourself, why shouldn’t you be more likely to get a raise or a bonus? Assuming the amount is significant enough, and you can reap the rewards for months to years after your initial vacation, it could eventually pay for itself.

    You’ll Be Happier at Your Job

    Vacations are a chance to get away from the routine. No matter how much you like your job on the surface, or how satisfied you are with your position, over time, you’ll begin to grow more disillusioned with it. Without a break, the routine will seem like more of a slog, your mind will become more cluttered, and you’ll become more resentful of your surroundings. In some cases, this can lead to career burnout, which leaves you practically unable to continue. Taking most of your vacation days, and using them to go to a luxurious destination, will have you coming back to work happier, more satisfied, and with a fresh perspective that can stave off burnout.

    You’ll Be at Lower Risk for Depression

    Going on vacation, and giving yourself more downtime in general, will immediately reduce the stress you experience. Incidentally, it will also lower your risk for depression. Keeping your mental health strong is an important factor in maximizing your productivity, and your overall feelings of wellness. You’ll have more positive interactions, you’ll miss fewer days of work, and you’ll be better equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way.

    You’ll Gain New Experiences

    Going someplace you’ve never been also yields new experiences. You’ll get to see new parts of the world, you’ll learn about new cultures and see new kinds of entertainment, and you’ll meet and interact with new people, some of whom may be vacationing for the same reasons as you. All these new experiences and new encounters give you new perspectives, new contacts, and maybe even new skills you can use in your career. This is your chance to grow as a person, and improve your value as a worker.

    How to Have a Better Vacation

    If you’re going to take a luxury vacation, you should maximize your benefits with the following tips:

    - Don’t skimp. Choose a top-tier destination, and don’t be afraid to splurge a little. If you spend your entire vacation worrying about money or limiting what things you can enjoy, you aren’t going to get the full experience.
    - Take at least a week off. If you have at least a handful of vacation days, try to use them together. Taking a week off all at once is better than taking off a day here and there; this is your chance to decompress and reset your perspective on work.
    - Eliminate distractions. While you’re on vacation, don’t be tempted to check your email, take phone calls, or worse, do work while you’re away. This is your time, so eliminate whatever distractions you can and focus on relaxing at peace.
    - Delegate the work. Don’t simply push the work off; otherwise, you’ll face a looming stack of tasks when you get back. Instead, delegate the work however you can, so you don’t have more to do than usual when you get back.

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