Our Top International Travel Tips To Make The Most Of Your Resort Vacation

Going on an overseas resort getaway this year? While it can be great to get away from it all, planning your vacation can also be pretty hectic. Choosing a resort location, reserving airline tickets, and compiling your wardrobe can all add to the stress of preparing for your trip. But it doesn't have to be! Here are some of our top international travel tips for making the most of that resort vacation.

Know The Standards For International Travel

While you may be familiar with travel regulations here in the states, you may not be familiar with those of overseas locations. Generally speaking, the U.S. is pretty generous in its container and baggage limitations. If you’re traveling to somewhere like Europe, however, be prepared to travel lighter, as their restrictions are tighter. Also, be sure your check-in luggage meets the airline's weight restrictions as well. Otherwise, you may end up with expensive fees in order to get it on the plane.

Plan Ahead For Shopping

It’s probably a safe bet that you will be doing some shopping while on your vacation. Even if you don’t plan on leaving your resort, you may be tempted to purchase a souvenir or two to take home with you. As such, be sure to save a bit of space for them so that you won’t be forced to leave it behind.

When It Comes To International Travel Tips, Know What Not To Pack

Perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to traveling is to know what to actually bring with you. This can perhaps be best resolved by knowing what you shouldn’t bring. Keep bulky items, such as shoes, chunky accessories, hats, etc. to a minimum. Try to choose items that can be used in multiple outfits so as to save space. Additionally, keep perfumes and makeup to a minimum as well! Keep your palette and ensemble simple and classy!

Regardless of your destination, it pays to plan ahead. And when it comes to that resort destination, you’ll definitely want a classy and elegant cover-up as you breeze from poolside to the beach club. So, visit us online today to explore our Ikaria Luxury Resort Wear Collection.