How to Wear a Sarong like a Beachside Goddess

When spending your summers on Greek islands or Italian beaches, your inner goddess is just waiting at the surface. The key to releasing her? A proper dosage of calm seas, the sand beneath your feet, and a luxurious sarong wrapped around your body like a sunshine hug. But let’s face it - we’ve all had that moment where we pick up a Sarong and think, “uh… how do I wear this?” To save face, let’s thoroughly go over how to wear a sarong (like a beachside goddess, of course.)

The best part about the design of the sarong is the adaptability and wearability. In fact, there is not only one way to wear the item of clothing. And at the end of the day, we’re not here to tell you how to wear it. So even though we may suggest some killer options for how to wear a sarong, feel free to wrap the thing around your feet or do whatever funky thing speaks to your inner goddess!

Short Skirt

  • Start by folding the entire sarong in half.
  • Once you’ve done that, wrap the sarong around your waist, either above or below your hip bones.
  • Grab the loose corners and tie them into a knot at your preferred tightness.
  • Slide the knot to either side.
  • Ta-da!

Long Skirt

  • Don’t fold the sarong in half - leave it long.
  • Wrap the sarong around your waist, either above or below your hip bones.
  • Grab the loose corners and tie them into a knot at your preferred tightness.
  • Slide the knot to either side.
  • Ta-da!
  • Bonus: you can slide the knot wherever you feel like. Some goddesses like to leave it in the front or only slightly to one side!

Halter Dress

  • Hold the sarong behind you like you just stepped out of a luxurious shower.
  • Bring the top corners of the sarong together in front of you.
  • Twist them twice.
  • Bring the corners around behind your neck.
  • Tie a knot behind your neck.
  • Ta-da!

Toga Dress

  • Channel your post-shower goddess.
  • Wrap the sarong around you like a towel.
  • Cross the corners or tie a huge knot in the front.
  • Fold and tuck the top corners into the opposite arms.
  • Ta-da!

Greek Goddess Dress

  • Wrap one side of the sarong under one arm.
  • Bring the top two corners above the opposite shoulder.
  • Tie the knot over the opposite shoulder.
  • Leave as is, or...
  • Gather the edges near your hip on the same side as the shoulder knot.
  • Tie a small knot to secure the sarong to your side.
  • Ta-da!


  • Drape your sarong from behind your back.
  • Tie knots at each hand to make sleeves, or
  • Leave them open and weave your hands through.
  • Let it dangle majestically.
  • Ta-da!

Dressing Gown

  • Drape your sarong from behind your back.
  • Let it fall long over your shoulders.
  • Ta-da!

Wrap Dress

  • Wrap the sarong behind your back (like a towel!)
  • Hold the top corner on one side of the sarong.
  • Pull that side across your body and throw over the opposite shoulder.
  • Take the other corner of the sarong and pull it across the front of your body and around the back.
  • Tie both corners at the shoulder where they meet to secure.
  • Ta-da!

Where can you wear it?

Regardless of what style you choose for how to wear a sarong, the possibilities of where you go from here are endless. The adaptability of sarongs makes them a perfect option for both beach days and nights out. You can wear the sarong beachside, poolside, or anywhere in between! Here are some lovely options for showing off your newfound sarong-tying skills.


You’ll look both whimsical and confident in your sarong, making it a wonderful option for lounging around at the beach. Feel free to dip your toes in the water!

Rooftop pool

Sarongs are wonderful for poolside drinks and sitting with your feet dangling in the water.

Infinity pool

Lounging by an infinity pool is a sarong’s natural habitat. Hopefully this experience is paired with a wonderful meal!


If you’re lucky enough to be swept off your feet to one of the hottest yacht destinations, you’ll stun in your sarong.

Cruise ship

When on a cruise, you balance your time carefully between swimming and relaxing. This is what sarongs were made for!

Island getaway

The versatility of sarongs means that you never have to choose between a bathing suit and normal clothes when escaping to an island.

Casual dinner

Beachside dining has never been this classy (or this easy!)

Night on the town

Transition your sarong into a halter dress or Greek goddess dress and hit the town, honey!

Where can you get one?

At Ikaria, we offer both half and full sarong options. The half options make it super easy to wear as a short skirt! The full options allow you to choose whatever way you want to style your sarong.

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Regardless of which style you choose for how to wear a sarong, you'll be one step closer to releasing your inner goddess on your upcoming vacation or staycation.