Behind the Scenes at Ikaria Resort Wear’s Dreamy Photo Shoot

When debuting a label creating luxury resort wear cover-ups, the most important things are the visuals, so it’s only fitting that the inaugural Ikaria Resort Wear photo shoot lasted from early morning until night. The crew was of impeccable pedigree, the Malibu estate painted the perfect palette, and the models, of course, were stunning.

From the very start it was fated to be a successful day. The ocean was sparkling under clear blue skies in Malibu at the visually stunning Gesner Beach House, a favorite filming destination built by iconic California architect Harry Gesner and featured in virtually every fashion magazine and luxury campaign. Ikaria assembled a team of talented artists including brilliant fashion photography and creative duo Melis and Dainon, and Jason Carpenter of Tigerhouse Films on video. Making the pair of beautiful models even more beautiful were hairstylist Michael Kanyon, creative director of vegan line American English Hair, and makeup artist Carissa Ferreri, who works with stars like Annette Bening and Gina Rodriguez.


Everyone—alongside Ikaria Resort Wear founder Lisa Storie and creative director Dustin Trust—worked together synergistically on the gorgeous summer day. The energy was palpable, it buzzed through the air as the stars of the day (alongside the luxury cover-ups, of course) were prepped with beach waves and naturally glamorous makeup. Wearing the vibrant designs were Carola Remer, a beauty who’s appeared on the cover of Vogue multiple times and recently, Elle Germany, alongside many other top fashion magazines and sexy campaigns, and the raven-haired Liz Mitra, whose countless credits include a John Mayer music video.

The chemistry couldn’t have been better within the team, which had such a positive attitude that everyone was happy to take on any role or assist throughout the shoot, which included several locations inside the Gesner house like the entryway, wraparound balcony with panoramic, sweeping Pacific Ocean views, and walkways lined with driftwood. The artistic settings provided the ideal backdrop for the boldly colored, statement-making luxury cover-ups, themselves each a work of art. Melis and Dainon worked together like yin and yang, balancing each other, and Carola and Liz also played off each other, while draped in Ikaria resort dresses featuring crystal that sparkled in the sunlight.

The perfect steady wind that continued throughout the day also was a boon: It ensured the full-length beach dresses fanned out dramatically like a peacock, the way they were envisioned. The photographers and videographer captured all the movement of the designs, when the breeze blew just right. Even the sunset was flawless. It set in idyllic shades of pastel that complemented the final looks, made all the more seductive with lit tiki torches. To Lisa and Dustin it felt like a dream, watching their collective vision come to life in the most surreal, magical way.